Life Of a Sheed
My smile is just so big right now.

And it’s so easy for you to do this to me. It’s so easy for you to make me smile, it’s so easy for you to make me laugh, it’s so easy for you to just make me happy. If I could only truly express my feelings for you. If I could only make you half as happy as you make me.

My second post tonight….

is about how much I hate myself and my mind. I can’t believe something like that honestly just triggered me. Acting in a television show 20 years ago just triggered a memory of my ex holding her hand to my face. A memory that I had tried to push back along with the others. But of course like that memory, many more are now flooding my mind and I cannot stop them. I wish there was some way I could just forget those things, never have them pop-up like that again….

That awkward moment where your Ex texts you seeing if you’re okay because she had a dream about you committing suicide

and at the time you were actually contemplating things about it…